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I've been juggling

Hi Everyone! As you can see I haven't posted in quite some time. Lets just say...I've been juggling. Juggling not only myself, but something big that came in and knocked me down... quite hard. So I have been taking a few days to myself trying to write and organize all my thoughts. Right now, yes you can easily say I am in my depression stage. I have been here before. It's nothing new, at all. I prepared myself. I have been going back to the gym, working hard in my classroom everyday for my students, writing, listening to new music, talking, being with friends, and seeing my family..... and lots and lots of self care.

Everyday gets a little better.

I remind myself everyday "You know who you are, you know what you deserve, you know what you need to do.... for you."

New posts will be coming soon so keep posted!

"I don't need no one."

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