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Middle Month check

Its here. It finally made it. The sun is here to stay for longer, warmer, brighter, sunny days. Which means, happier moods, happier opportunities, new happier memories, new happier adventures! I am me in days when I can open all of my (3) windows and feel a warm breeze. Days when I can hang in my hammock for endless hours. Days when I can walk around barefoot. Days spent hiking. Nights filled with small bonfires. Nights spent camping....and, sleepless nights. I am me when the sun can stay out all day and the night is wild and free. When my mind is clear and I can set good mindset goals. I'll say one thing.... manifesting. big time!

I am doing a "Middle Month check in" for Mental Health Month. How is everyone doing? Have you taken time for yourself? Have you spent all day outside? Did you check in with your friends/family who have an illness?.....

The past few weeks have been better. Still have my moments/days, but its been better because of the weather (rhyming?) One reason I have to be positive and to keep looking forward is that I am making big MOVES. Not going to lie, everyday at least a thousand things go wrong, but what do I do? At this point I laugh... because....of course. At this point I am expecting it, bring it on! I say all this now, but you catch me on a bad day and.... ur ass is grass. I am excited for these big plans I'm manifesting, lots of planning, saving, and ending with a "see ya!" My motivation everyday.

I plan to take you guys on my life changing journey this Spring/Summer!

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