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My Diagnosis


Parent/Teacher meetings... parents meeting with doctors... new testes.. new medicines. Being a kid was hard. I was diagnosed with a Learning Disability in 4th grade, with testing low in comprehension, direction, math, reading, and writing. (hint as to why spelling and grammar is wrong or confusing sometimes.) It took some time to figure that out... at least 2-3 years. Before I was diagnosed with LD my mom had brought me to many different doctors. Some thought it was ADD and ADHD (I am convinced that every human possible has ADD and ADHD anyway.) I was in 2nd grade when I was put on ADD medication. That didn't last long. I would come home off the bus and sit and cry for hours, and I couldn't even tell you why. I mean I did get bullied in 2nd grade... a lot... I didn't have many friends and the people I did hang around with were always so mean to me. When 4th grade started and after I was diagnosed with a Learning Disability. The teachers told my mom I should be in a Special Education Classroom. Where I can learn at a slower, much easier pace. "Yes. Do it." A deep thought in my head said to me, when my mother first mentioned it to me. I quickly jumped at her, "NO! I can't be seen in those classrooms, they are weird and I saw a girl wearing diaper in that class!" I don't remember my mom talking to me more about it, after I said that. She just listened and told the teachers "no, don't put Jenna in that classroom." Instead we settled on; leaving my 4th grade classroom to go into a Special-ED classroom for math. (may not make sense, but it did to me.) That actually wasn't too bad! It was me and one good friend of mine. We would leave our classroom together during math, and walk up to the Special-Ed room. They had 10 kids in the room. It was different from my 25 kids in one classroom, but I was afraid to say out loud that I liked going, and that math was easy being in a smaller setting. (I will talk more and more about all these in depth.) Right now I want to focus more on telling you about my diagnoses.

Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD when I was in 2nd grade - turns out I wasn't

Diagnosed with a Learning Disability when I was in 4th grade - true

Diagnosed with Anxiety in 9th grade - very so obvious true

Diagnosed with Depression in 10th grade - since I was born.

Diagnosed with Boarderline Personality Disorder (BPD) when I was 21

Diagnosed with Bipolar Depression when I was also 21

So, now that all of that was out. I am now 24 and still learning everyday how to deal with BPD and Bipolar.

I hope you guys can continue on my journey with me. Hang on tight......

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