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The Pilot


"Did she really just name her first online blog post after every first episode of a TV show."

Yes, yes I did.

Welcome All! For those who read, my name is Jenna, Jenna Frey. A little back story to get to know me.

I grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY. Born and raised. My family grew up in Wappingers, NY and fell in love at a young age. They both made it work (and still together; 25 Years to be exact). They made it look so smoothly. It made melted butter look hard... (that made sense.) My mother had me at the age of 20 and both my parents moved to Poughkeepsie after I was born. A short two years later, my baby sister joined the Frey Family. When I was about 5 years old we moved to Hyde Park. Not at all too far from each other.... like at least a total of 30 minutes tops.

This blogging site is my live (ish) writing that I will be posting from time to time.

Some posts will be little poems, messages, notes, etc. all from me, that I hope will bring all positive, encouraging, bright, empowering, silly, and random vibes to you and your day to day as you keep juggling it all together so wonderfully like I know you do!

Some other posts will be personal to my life and how I looked, accepted, and dealt with my life lessons.

Each post will be different and unique. I ask you to; take a deep breath, open your eyes, and listen. (read in this case.)

This is my story, my way, my life, and I am ready to share with you all.

If you have a mental Illness and are reading this: This blog is for YOU! If you are looking for something inspiring, relatable, and real to read... then I encourage you to come back to my website, and also subscribe! These posts will be here for you on your highest of days, and your lowest of days... any day that you can login and read, because we all need to encourage each other.

I will answer all emails to people only looking for help, advice, someone in need of a voice, friend, advocate, or whatever you may need at the time. I wish to bring peace, realism, and relatable stories for you all. Thank You!

*Spongebob Voice* : " Im Ready, Im Ready, Im Ready!"

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